All 29 packages arrived yesterday, thank you! The Trust’s little office is 
now rammed with boxes. The Trustees
are very pleased with all the items, they
look FAB. The only things we haven’t checked so far are the banners, but I will open them later in the week. Our thanks to you and your colleagues for all your hard work with our order. 

Sandstone Ridge

Hi Esma Please can you pass on a huge thanks to all of those in the team at Simprint that helped us turn around those brochures so quickly. They arrived safely late last night and the client was very pleased he thought they were awesome ! Your help and support as always
is much appreciated.

Red Shoe Brand Design

Fabulously successful first Friday session, lots of enquiries and several guests attended! A giant darts and dominos session, beautiful lunch, planning session and a chat over a cuppa! Also had the great news that Simprint brighouse will be sponsoring our new fundraiser... More info to follow This is being launched at our open day on July 29th, so come along and meet us, have coffee and cake, see our new venue, meet our guests, play tombola or enter the raffle! See what volunteering opportunities we have available too...!

Our Place

When I delivered the programme to pubs in Calderdale, prior to the festival, there were many positive comments and some were fascinated by the front cover and how we’d managed to get the name of the festival superimposed on top of the venue building. At the festival itself the praise continued with a number of people referring to the quality of the programme on the customer feedback form. One group of seasoned beer festival drinkers from the North East spoke to me personally about the programme (on more than one occasion) and said ‘It’s the best beer festival programme we have ever seen’ Praise indeed because these gentlemen must have attended hundreds if not thousands of beer festivals. In addition, there were many others who were very positive and referred to various aspects of the programme, particularly the beer/cider and perry lists. Our members and, of course the Organising Team, were delighted with the end product which was a tribute to both Simprint and the Caderdale Beer and Cider Festival and we have already signed up a new advertiser next year on the strength of this year’s programme. Thanks to you Esma, for your brilliant work; your efforts and commitment are really appreciated. Thanks also for printing the pub copy stickers for us which certainly made my life much easier. We hope that you will use the programme to help convince potential customers that they should commission Simprint to produce their programmes and leaflets because it is a fine example of what Simprint can do and can’t fail to impress.

Calderdale Beer and Cider Festival