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When you need to tell customers about your products and services in more depth, a brochure allows you to be that bit more expansive. Choose from a range of styles and finishes - from a simple wire-bound booklet to a more high end, perfect bound hardback, we’ve got the expertise and the flare to get them looking exactly how you want them.

Binding Options
We use three main types of binding:

Wiro/Coil Binding:
Perfect for short runs of documents, especially presentations, or architectural or design plans which need to lie flat once bound, or have a 360 degree rotation around the spine - for example notebooks. We create a series of punched holes down the binding edge, and then insert them into a “c” shaped spine. This is then closed using specialist equipment.

Saddle Stitched
You may imagine saddle stitched books are sewn  together, but in fact the “stitch” refers to a series of wire staples down the spine, and the saddle is the apparatus the pages are draped over during the stapling process. Pages are printed two-up on both sides of the sheet, and then stapled and folded down the middle creating left- and right-hand pages each side of the spine. So an A4 booklet will be printed onto A3, and the number of pages is therefore always a multiple of 4.

Perfect Bound
You can recognise a perfect-bound book from its square spine. The inside pages are printed  and stacked in collated “book blocks”. They are secured at the binding edge and the cover is placed over and around the spine. Because you need to fill up the spine, a minimum of 28 pages generally applies, although this can be reduced if thicker paper is used. This is a high-end, appealing method of finishing your job, often used for books and glossy magazines.

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